Selective Workspace Copy purge -More effective CAD Standard Management needed

If a file is removed from the Managed Workspace, it will still be utilized by MicroStation on client machines if it is not deleted or purged manually. This is problematic, as these "bad" files have the potential to cause standards compliance issues and can cause other issues such as project losses due to non-compliance of the CAD standard.

We are looking for a tool that purges specific latent copies of a Managed Workspace. An automated tool to do this is preferred.

For example, a file is removed from the Managed Workspace stored in ProjectWise. However, the current workflow of ProjectWise does not remove the latent cached copies. We need some way of effectively managing these latent copies, since we have no way of determining how many cached copies there are, and no way of knowing which machines need to purge erroneous file(s). Is there a tool or process that we can use? We are not looking for a manual workflow, but an automated fix.