I need to put a projectwise hyperlink in an SSRS report. Using the URL setting does not seem to work. Has someone gotten it to work successfully?

I have setup the text box to be HTML and the placeholder to go to a URL, but it will not go to PW, even with a single hardcoded projectwise link. Has someone gotten this to work in SSRS? I have other reports that links work in (HTML, Word, Excel).

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  • in order for URNs to work for me, I would have to pass the GUID back to the application creating the report. The app can assume enough to build the path but not the GUID. I will see if the URN works and go from there. Thanks.

    Edit: I have tried URN with the same result.  I mark the place holder as HTML and use Go to URL. the icon does not change and the link seems to be dead.  I am using SSRS 2008 R2 reports.

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