Full Test Index Search errors

My Full Text index Search is broken. When I bring up the Search GUI and click on the Full Text tab, and set my search criteria and add in the string of text contained in the document I want to find, I get an error message saying "Full Text Search execution failed. External Module has reported an error".

This happens on all search criteria settings except "Including exact phrase", which returns no results.

Any ideas?

  • Hi,
    I would first make sure that the ProjectWise Orchestration Framework service is running. Second check is to see if Microsoft Indexing service (Indexing Service) is running.
    If this is not the cause of the issue then you should check the Indexing catalog, if it is running (Computer Management -> Services and Applications -> Indexing service). You should check if the catalog is running, possibly try restarting it.

    Let me know if any of the suggestions helps.

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