Autodesk Civil 3D integration user working directory setting


We currently use the default working folder setting for users. The users login name is included in the path. This makes sense, if different users use the same workstation, then each user has their own local working directory.

We are also trying to use Project Wise integratio9n with Civil 3D.

We encounter 2 problems:

.1 - Time to open DWG files take longer as we proceed with design work. We typically use hundreds of data shortcuts. It looks like, the more data shortcuts you have, the longer it takes for the integration to make the DWG available. Wait times are getting bad, well over 5 minutes to open a DWG.

.2 - Sometimes, for some unknown reason, the data shortcuts become broken. It takes about an hour to make them again; production is held up while the data shortcuts are recreated.

Will it help to just remove the login name from the working directory path? Then the paths will be constant, the same for all users.

Has anyone already done this?

We are not sure what to do, but we cannot continue this way.

Thanks for reading,