set the default double-click action to open the file as read-only and do it globally

We can setup users when they double click on the file in projectwise,it opens as read only file. Is there anyway to make this change globally so we do nto have to make this change per user.

  • If you are talking about opening a file with Microstation via PW you could set the global application open command for Microstation with a command line argument of -R
    The file will still be checked out, but the user will not be able to write to the file.

    If it is just a matter of setting the user setting for the double click action then you can highlight all the users who need the setting, right click properties, settings \ document list \ make the change for double click action and click okay. All users highlighted will get any change you make.

  • Hi Dana,

    Can we direct "read only" option to any of the application Example like viewer like Bentley View or Autodesk true view ?

    What i understood from Bentley is that what ever the associations present/configured  for the "Open" option are reflected same for Read only option , and i would like to change the associations to keep different from "open" option.

    Can any one help ?

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