AutoCAD Integration in ProjectWise CONNECT Edition?


We recently made the move to the Autodesk 2015 family of products and as a result needed to deploy PW integration for those programs.  However, we are on the client.  The 590 client (or later) is required for the 2015 integration to work. 

I saw that the CONNECT edition was recently made available.  I figured: why bother with 590, when CONNECT is now out?  So I downloaded it, tested it, and it's running great... until I try to install 2015 integration.  It claims I need the 590 or later client installed!   

So I presume the integration for AutoCAD will be re-released for CONNECT soon, since the 2015 integration installer doesn't register PW Explorer CONNECT Edition as a later version.  Right now, I have a lot of PCS to upgrade the client on so they can have 2015 integration.  My preference is not to have to upgrade them twice (first to 590, then to CONNECT as those programs on the Bentley side roll out). 


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