open more than one office document / file


Over the past two weeks users have reported problems in opening more than one document.

  • Opened using Project Wise Explorer
  • One user was Excel 2010
  • The other was Word 2010

Both users encountered a similar problem.

The first file opens correctly.

After clicking Open on the second Document, the second file does not open with the software app (Word or Excel).

This is probably a know problem - correct? And there is already a thread with details on "how to solve" - correct?

Maybe this was a known problem with Office 2010 integration that has been corrected with the Office 2013 integration - yes?

Thank You.


  • Hi Kevin,

    There is a quite good feature in ProjectWise that allows you to open the document in new instance of any application. To do that you can open first document as you would normally do, but when you want to open another document you pres and hold Shift key on the keyboard and then double click (or use other method) to open the document. This should start a new instance of the associated application and it should also open the document.

    Hope this helps,

    This is a test