how to know if someone check out a microstation model


I am using ProjectWise Explorer V8i and I would like to know how I can see if someone open (check out) one of the microstaion models not just as a read only. 

If I go into the audit trail of the model I want to check I see copied out but I think that can be either check out or read only.

Basically I want to know whether someone delete or made something in a microstaion model.

I might need more information about audit trail.


  • Hi,

    Actually ProjectWise Audit Trail has separate settings to log when documents are copied out (or open as read only) or when they are checked out. If all these Audit Trail options are enabled you should be able to see these different actions.

    Here is what the settings in ProjectWise Administrator looks like:

    And as a result you should see these actions in the document Audit Trail log:

    Maybe not all Audit Trail logging options are enabled on the datasource, and as a result you are not able to see certain actions?


    This is a test