ProjectWise DFT + Steelhead versus Panzura GFS ?

Panzura has got quite a lot of press lately in the AEC market. Some really impressive numbers with synching over long distances.

Panzura's Global File System apparently goes one step further compared to caching and seems to be getting support from Citrx and VMWare.

Panzura also runs on Amazon's AWS, Aliweb I wonder if someone will step in and provide something similar for Microsoft Azure. Apparently Microsoft's DFS doesn't work very well.

Doc management system Newforma has also started looking at Panzura. Will PW also support Panzura? Or come up with something that is like GFS + hardware controllers (from Steelhead?).

  • Hi Dominic,

    Panzura will work as a storage area because you can have a never ending cloud based storage. As far as using Panzura in place of the caching servers, this will not work and is not recommended by Bentley. The main problem here is that if you link your caching server location with your main storage area with Panzura devices then you run the risk of data loss. Specifically because the caching servers purge data and if not configured correctly then when the caching server purges the data on the local Panzura device it will get replicated up to your main storage area and purge data there. Since PW has no knowledge of Panzura when Panzura deletes the files it will leave orphan records in the db.


  • Hi Marty,

    How about PW without any caching servers?

    PW would manage the checking in/out of the files and Panzura would deal with global file locking etc.


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