ProjectWise DFT + Steelhead versus Panzura GFS ?

Panzura has got quite a lot of press lately in the AEC market. Some really impressive numbers with synching over long distances.

Panzura's Global File System apparently goes one step further compared to caching and seems to be getting support from Citrx and VMWare.

Panzura also runs on Amazon's AWS, Aliweb I wonder if someone will step in and provide something similar for Microsoft Azure. Apparently Microsoft's DFS doesn't work very well.

Doc management system Newforma has also started looking at Panzura. Will PW also support Panzura? Or come up with something that is like GFS + hardware controllers (from Steelhead?).

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  • Not sure. I understand that Panzura works by storing the master copy of the data on the cloud. I suppose that this would be provided by Azure. So the datastore would be on the cloud and replicated at the remote offices using Panzura controllers? PW would be set up as if all the clients were co-located in the same building / LAN.... let's say in London. The remote offices would access the datastore using PW as if the datastore Integration Server were local on the LAN.