ProjectWise DFT + Steelhead versus Panzura GFS ?

Panzura has got quite a lot of press lately in the AEC market. Some really impressive numbers with synching over long distances.

Panzura's Global File System apparently goes one step further compared to caching and seems to be getting support from Citrx and VMWare.

Panzura also runs on Amazon's AWS, Aliweb I wonder if someone will step in and provide something similar for Microsoft Azure. Apparently Microsoft's DFS doesn't work very well.

Doc management system Newforma has also started looking at Panzura. Will PW also support Panzura? Or come up with something that is like GFS + hardware controllers (from Steelhead?).

  • We are testing the solutions from Panzura and Talonstorage. If you ask Panzura you might find they have a solution for Azure.

    Why are we testing these solutions? Primarily to support Autodesk based workloads. The cloud integrated storage containers appear and behave like file shares. They do not require any additional steps, clicks, integration or delays. Perhaps Panzura is the one to watch - they have Carl Bass (CEO Autodesk) on their board of advisors If the product works then perhaps it will form part of an updated Project Alexandria / Vault solution to rival PW. They offer an interesting proposition as you could remove caching servers (with their associated maintenance overhead) and replace with an additional network appliance that looks after itself (because it is part of a third party managed command and control structure).

    Would I use it with ProjectWise? No as PW is going to get very confused with the cloud caches and it's simply not designed for it.

    What do we think of them? They really do make a difference when working in the Autodesk stack across large geographic distances. Performance wise when put side by side with PW+Caching Servers they are comparable but what is users really appreciate is that their applications simply work without clutter or complication. It pays to think hard about how much data you need cached in cloud device as it is possible to use the smallest devices with some thought.
  • This thread seems to be missing the fact what ProjectWise brings to the project, a controlled environment that provides the integration with your CAD Applications (MW, Redline, Attribute exchange, Renditions etc..). I could give up a little speed, given all of the numerous benefits of having my document within PW.

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