ProjectWise DFT + Steelhead versus Panzura GFS ?

Panzura has got quite a lot of press lately in the AEC market. Some really impressive numbers with synching over long distances.

Panzura's Global File System apparently goes one step further compared to caching and seems to be getting support from Citrx and VMWare.

Panzura also runs on Amazon's AWS, Aliweb I wonder if someone will step in and provide something similar for Microsoft Azure. Apparently Microsoft's DFS doesn't work very well.

Doc management system Newforma has also started looking at Panzura. Will PW also support Panzura? Or come up with something that is like GFS + hardware controllers (from Steelhead?).

  • The performance is comparable. Operated trials with Panzura (and still have an instance of it running). The improvement is largely due to the ability to use the native features of the applications rather than an additional dialogues and methods introduced by PW Integration. We're also using Revit Server to support a geographically diverse project whose workloads are all in Revit.

    The PW+Caching Servers solution is good and in my experience staff have pointed to the server being the bottleneck when in reality it is the connections to it.