Adding applications to Open document with dialog

I am stuggeling with the Open ducument with dialog box.

When installing Power RailTrack and PowerCivil I automatic get an entry in the dialogbox, but how do I edit this entry.

I want to add some commandline arguments (the projectnumber and fildername). I was able to do this with the MicroStation entry, and this is working fine.

I have tried adding a new entry to the application through the Admin interface, but I'm not able to see this in my PW Explorer. (see. images for proof).

Furthermore the Description for the standard entries give no meaning. Where do I change that.

My Open with dialogbox (logged in as administrator)

The properties of the PowerCivil application in the administrator module


  • Hi Finn,

    I suppose the document that you import to ProjectWise are the DGN files, right? In this case it is likely that the application that gets assigned to these files is the MicroStation. And because of that it uses the application associations that are created for MicroStation.

    I would suggest to create a separate application associations (if that is not yet done) in ProjectWise Administrator and then add the required open actions to that association. This way you can define several of Open actions with different parameters (like command line parameters) and then you should set this application for the ProjectWise document (go to document properties and change application, or you can select Multiple files, right click and select modify and then change the application). Now users will be able to use the application association that you have created and if using Open With they will see other selections that was defined in PW Administrator.


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