Interplot organizer and PW Connect Edition

I have just installed the Connect Edition of ProjectWise Integration Server and have it up and running.

However I will like to install Bentley i-model composition Server for PDF as well, but stopped this as I read in the PW Implementation Guid that it is depending on the Interplot Organizer CONNECT Edition !

I have tried to download the Connect Edition of Interplot but I am not able to find it anywhere.

Is there a secret place this is stored :-) or will ICS for PDF run on a "not connect editon"?

  • Hi Finn,

    You are correct on both accounts, ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer CONNECT Edition is required for Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF, and as it is not released yet, it is not available on the Bentley Software Fulfillment Center. You need to contact Bentley technical support to obtain a technical preview copy of the software.

    In the ProjectWise Implementation Guide, in the same step where this requirement is stated, you can find the following bit:

    "ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer CONNECT Edition is not yet available on the Bentley Software Fulfillment
    Center, but is currently available as a technology preview which you can request from Bentley technical
    support. ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer requires that you restart the computer after installation, however
    you can wait until you finish configuring this computer to do the restart."