PW configuration for WAN with not stable internet connection


What is the best way of configuring PW servers (integration, caching, gateway etc.) for WAN with unstable connection between sites? Having in mind the easiest case of the organization where architects are in one site, tecnological equipment specialists in other, electrical power specialist in third and so on - no part of the project is developed in different sites at the same time. It might, but let's take the easiest case. And some site loose the internet connection for some time with other sites but need to go on. What is the best PW servers and datasources configuration for this case?

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  • Accessing a ProjectWise datasource from a remote site relies on a stable network connection. Caching Servers can greatly reduce network traffic and time to access specific files, but the user must still be able to access the PW Integration Server and datasource in order to effectively work.

    Given that the networks between the various sites is not reliable, having a single central PW Integration Server and datasource will not be a good solution. I would recommend a PW Integration Server and datasource at each of the remote sites so that the users have local(and reliable) access to a ProjectWise instance. Each of those instances would have the project content that the particular office is responsible for. Then use ProjectWise Sharing Service or iCS to synchronize that project content to the other offices so that it can be referenced by the other offices. Since both ProjectWise Sharing Service and iCS work in an asynchronous fashion it will be much less susceptible to network reliability. The benefit of this approach is that each of the offices can be confident that their project content will be accessible to them regardless of the WAN situation, the downside is that multiple ProjectWise instances will need to be administered.