ProjectWise CONNECT Edition - client silent install

How do we install version 10.0 (latest release) of ProjectWise Explorer in silent/unattended mode, in Windows 7 and 10?

I tried "Setup_ProjectWisex64_10.00.01.25.exe /?" to look for command line help, but nothing happens when I run that.

Also is there any way around the refusal to install when a "system reboot is pending"? That really throws a wrench into the ability to deploy this software unattended or widely.

  • I would like to know this as well. We are using SCCM to deploy the Projectwise Connect Client and would need to do this silently as well.

    I also got the system reboot is pending and it would not install without a reboot.
  • The Connect Edition or ProjectWise Explore does not provide an .msi package anymore, but has an .exe that bundles all the ProjectWise Connect Edition features as well as the Bentley Connection Client.

    Parameters that are used to set a specific action for installation:
    • -q, -quiet, -s, -silent = silent install
    • -uninstall = uninstall
    • -repair = repair (or install if not installed)
    Parameters that are used to select specific packages for installation:
    • ADDLOCAL : Add specific features or All features
    • REMOVE : Remove or Do not install Features
    Available packages (Case-sensitive):
    • DgnNavigatorControlAx
    • AutoCAD2014
    • AutoCAD2015
    • AutoCAD2016
    • Office2013
    • InDesignCC2015
    • InDesignCS6
    • Revit2014
    • Revit2015 (only available in x64 setup)
    • Revit2016 (only available in x64 setup)

    Install ProjectWise Explore silently with the DgnNavigator and ProjectWise integration for Microsoft Office 2013
    Setup_ProjectWisex64_10.00.01.25.exe -s ADDLOCAL=DgnNavigatorControlAx,Office2013

    Install all features for ProjectWise Explore Connection edition
    Setup_ProjectWisex64_10.00.01.25.exe -s ADDLOCAL=ALL

    Install all, except DgnNavigator and ProjectWise integration for Microsoft Office 2013.
    Setup_ProjectWisex64_10.00.01.25.exe -s ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=DgnNavigatorControlAx,Office2013

    There is a Technote in the making and should be posted soon with more information. I will update this post with a link to the technote when it is posted.

  • This worked great. Another thing I wanted to know is if there is a way to disable Connection updates from showing to users? Our users don't have admin rights and don't want them constantly trying to update something that they cannot update and in turn calling us about it.
  • The technote I mentioned earlier has been posted.

    To answer the question about the "system reboot is pending" issue... Bentley is aware of the issue, but at this time there is not a workaround.

  • If you right click on the CONNECTION client Icon in the system tray and choose "Update" it brings up a GUI and checks for updates. In the right hand corner of this GUI is a link called "Settings". In the Settings page you are able to set the "Critical Update Settings" to "Do not check for updates".