Problem on Free a document


When I want to free a document, PWss4 checks the document in. ??

Have I missed a setting in PWadmin?

Thx, Arjan

  • Hi Arjan,
    If you select Free option for the document it should not update the server copy of that document.

    However it is possible that you have other User level options enabled that keeps the local copy of the file on Free action in the working directory, and another option - use up to date local copy on check out.
    With these both options enabled you do not update the server copy of that document, but still keep this file locally. And next time opening that document (since it is newer than the one on the server) it uses the local file in your case.
    If you would purge this file from working directory, then you would get the file from server (not updated one).

    So it is all about what options are set for you PW user.
    Hope this helps,

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  • Hi Mantas,

    thank you for your answer. I just tried it and there was a setting "leave local copy on free". I turned this off and PW now has to copy the file to my drive and this one isn't changed.

    Kind regards,
  • Arjan,

    Since the file was already freed the copy will not be removed from your local working directory by turning this option off.
    What might be a better solution for you is to turn off the options: Use up to date copy on check out AND Use up to date copy on Copy Out.
    This way the copies of the files will remain on your working directory, but next time when you open the documents PW will make sure that you open the server copy. And since you still have a file in your working directory you will still benefit from Delta File Transfer.


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