ICS Distribution of Source Files - no rendition

When using ICS for distribution of native files (no renditions) job monitor dialog shows "Reference Mirroring" status and implies reference files are included in the distribution (more files than the Saved Search are getting distributed) so I'm guessing Reference Mirroring means references are getting distributed and attachments repaired.  I don't find any documentation/discussion about this in ProjectWise Help for ICS or in this Forum.

Where do I find settings to control reference file behavior in a Distribution Job.  I need Distribution jobs that include references and Distribution jobs that do not.

Thank you

  • When using PW v8i iCS will always copy the references with any master you distribute as long as the folder structure. If you use PW Connect Edition then you have the ability to move only the master file (exclude refs) and you have the ability to move to a specific folder instead of replicating the directory structure. For these features you need a Connect Edition Integration Server as well as the iCS server.

    Answer Verified By: Neil Norberg