ProjectWise CONNECT and MicroStation CONNECT

I have been playing with MicroStation CONNECT and studying ProjectWise CONNECT.

While Bentley has changed names and operability of its MicroStation configuration levels (organization, workspaces, worksets, roles), it appears that Bentley has not made any changes to the managed workspace levels (site, project, discipline, etc.) in ProjectWise .


Is Bentley formally defining any parallels between MicroStation CONNECT configuration levels and the ProjectWise CONNECT managed workspace levels?  Will the managed workspace levels change names or operability in ProjectWise CONNECT in future releases?  Does the MicroStation CONNECT WorkSpaceSetup.cfg file have any impact on ProjectWise managed workspace CSB's?  Will MicroStation users experience anything in the interface that says "WorkSpace" or "WorkSet" when working in the ProjectWise CONNECT environment?



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  • are worksets supported in ProjectWise CONNECT with MicroStation Update 4 in a managed workspace environment? Meaning, can the dgnws file reside in the PW project structure and function correctly? Figured I would ask before spending time trying to get it to run. I have most everything else at the moment running but from what I am reading, a workset is required to use the Sheet Index Tools.

  • I'm running MicroStation Connect Update 10 with PW and Managed Worksets are not supported.  We use a dynamic Project/Workset CSB for all our projects within ProjecWise.  We need the ability to load a .dgnws file from within each project.  Currently our Workset/Project CSB is not recognized as a Workset and sets MciroStation to "No Workset".  You cannot set a .dgnws file without an active workset.  What is Bentley's timeline for addressing this issue?  I expected this to be resolved by now. 

  • Greg, MicroStation CONNECT Edition UPdate 10 is only certified to run with the PWDI Update 3.1 release (  The combination of MS CE U10 and PWDI U3 is not certified or supported.  Please upgrade to PWDI Update 3.1 to use MS CE U10.

  • I've upgraded my PW Client to and still having the same issue.  Does this also require a server upgrade?

  • We have gotten managed workspaces to function properly with the loading of the dgnws all in ProjectWise. To do this, we have stood up a CONNECT ProjectWise server to support fully managed workspaces, PWDI 3.49 and MicroStation CE U10. The workset.cfg currently is stored at the root of our active projects/worksets folder and the dgnws is located in the project. We have not taken a second look at relocation if the workset.cfg but at the time we were unable to load it from a different location. The dgnws however has to be created locally and then imported into ProjectWise as it is not branding it to the project when it is created. Bentley has not resolved this issue that I am aware of.

    Setting everything up on our end so far has been quite the challenge as well as a loss of flexibility compared to V8i. But we do have it up and running with the Client workspaces located on the server at the Organization level, and the workset/project loading from inside of ProjectWise. We have bypassed the Workspaces level since it required a much more stringent workspace environment and folder structure. Greg, Bentley sent us an unofficial document on setting up managed configurations with only worksets in ProjectWise. It allowed us to maintain most of our flexibility and folder structure.

    Currently, we have V8i tools and MicroStation CE, AECOsim CE and OpenRoads Designer CE up and running in a managed structure in ProjectWise.