ProjectWise CONNECT and MicroStation CONNECT

I have been playing with MicroStation CONNECT and studying ProjectWise CONNECT.

While Bentley has changed names and operability of its MicroStation configuration levels (organization, workspaces, worksets, roles), it appears that Bentley has not made any changes to the managed workspace levels (site, project, discipline, etc.) in ProjectWise .


Is Bentley formally defining any parallels between MicroStation CONNECT configuration levels and the ProjectWise CONNECT managed workspace levels?  Will the managed workspace levels change names or operability in ProjectWise CONNECT in future releases?  Does the MicroStation CONNECT WorkSpaceSetup.cfg file have any impact on ProjectWise managed workspace CSB's?  Will MicroStation users experience anything in the interface that says "WorkSpace" or "WorkSet" when working in the ProjectWise CONNECT environment?



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  • Be sure to read the Limitations section under Before you Begin.  You MUST have your Workspace and Workset cfg files in ProjectWise.  We create a Workset folder under each project to store the matching workset cfg file and the .wsdgn file.  The workset cfg file name should match the Project name assigned in PW as outlined in that document.  The workset file in PW doesn't have set any configs if you're using a CSB to set things.  The file just has to exist for things to work.  We keep our workspace cfg files outside of the project folder structure in a normal folder and that works fine. Just depends on how you're organizing things.

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