projectwise drawing corruption

For a number of Autocad dwgs on Projectwise we have encountered an issue where upon attempting open the dwg, an error message stating that “(Drawing Name) is not of the correct format” and therefore cannot be opened. This seems to occur at random as there is no discernible connection between the dwgs that this has been an issue with.


Potential work-arounds such as trying the local file directory dwg or exporting the dwg present the exact same issue. The only solution we have managed to implement so far is using previous versions of the dwg, losing any changes that have been made since that revision.


Obviously this isn’t an ideal solution. If anyone could offer any guidance on how to resolve or avoid the problem it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Sounds like someone is using a later version of AutoCAD and saving file formats in the later file container version, making them incompatible with existing Microstation + AutoCAD installs.

    You can test this by attempting to open in the latest version of AutoCAD or if not available, latest version of Autodesk TrueView (free).
    Both of these will allow you to save down to a compatible version.