PowerPoint file association with Office 2016

Since we upgraded to Office 2016 (using the Office 2016 plugin version, we have had the follwoing two problems with opening PowerPoint files from ProjectWise.

1. On Open ProjectWise opens two instances of PowerPoint - first one with the default template, as in New file, and then another with the file that was opened from PW.

2. Also if you Open a SlideShow file (.ppsx format), it is opened for editing and not as a slide show. ( PowerPoint opened with View shows as a slideshow regardless of file type)

I see that PowerPoint Open is set to PowerPoint.Show.PW, and PowerPoint View is set to PowerPoint.SlideShow.12 - and this is exactly as it was for Office 2010. 

There is no problem opening a local file - it is only when opening from PW that this problem arises.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this ?

( this was reposted from the Print og Publishing forum)