How to Find Projectwise Working directory on Local Drive

Hi All,

Can someone please tell me the most efficient way of locating/finding the exact folder destination projectwise caches  checked out drawings on the local drive

Any suggestion/s is welcomed


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  • Just to be clear, the approach that Chuck has mentioned, only shows you your current working directory.

    For most users, this never changes, and most ProjectWise Administrators lock the setting so that users can't change it, but technically, you could change it and anything you have copied out or checked out stays in the working directory that it was in. Those files are not moved or copied to the changed working directory.

    So, again, use the Local Document Organizer if you want to be sure where ProjectWise has put any particular file that has been copied out, checked out or exported. And of course, ProjectWise does not keep track of files that you "export" using the "send to folder" feature, so those won't be in the Local Document Organizer dialog.

    The column with the full path to your files is named "File Name", but also note near the top that there are filters, and that you file might be on a different "node" (machine) if you happen to use more than one machine with ProjectWise.

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