Create a shortcut on excel file on the desktop from Projectwise Explorer


For most of my excel / Word file, i simply drag & drop the PJW file entry to my desktop and all works fine.

But on some documents,

when i drag it, i have no 'shortcut icon' and i cannot then drop it on desktop

Same kind of XLSX file, same length of name and fullpath ...

any idea ?

best regards


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  • Hello Dana,

    Thank you for considering my issue.

    I think there is no ACL issue because i tried with an account that bypass ACL -> same issue

    Tried to copy to c:\Temp    Same issue

    In fact, as soon i click and begin to drag the file (even inside PJW) i have a specific icon with a strikethrough round

    instead of the classical arrow  icon

    Left click or right click do the same

    any idea ?


    Ludovick LAGREVOL

    Projectwise Administrator

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