freeze the reference

Hi All,


                I have an problem to freeze the reference.  I am working in project wise environment when I am going to create a new version of DGN files at that time attached reference DGN are not freeze with old version DGN. Means if any one update the reference DGN so the attached reference DGN will update in old version as well in new version of DGN. Is it possible to freeze the reference without merging the drawings or when we are creating a new version at that time all attach references DGN will create new version automatically.



  • Adeel, there is a datasource setting to lock the reference files to a specific version:

    Lock reference documents to versions
    When off (the default), the master document will always use the active version of a reference. (Off is the previous behavior, before the datasource setting was introduced.) When on, and the user attaches a reference to a master, the reference is locked to the sequence number of the reference's active version. This way, as new versions of the reference are created and the active version's sequence number slides forward, the master document will always use a fixed version of the reference (specifically, the version which now has the sequence number that the active version had when the reference was originally attached).