Photo Preview of PDF files doesn't work with Bluebeam installed

Running with PW SS4 .590 or PW CE .67, with Acrobat Reader 11 installed, PhotoPreview of PDF files works properly.

Once I installed Bluebeam 2015.6 - standard as a PDF editor (Acrobat Reader 11 remains on the machine), Bluebeam becomes the app for PhotoPreview and the PDF files do not preview properly.

How do I set the PhotoPreview back to Acrobat Reader?

  • Andy, Have you tried changing the windows setting Start Menu> right pane > Default Programs >"Associate a File Type with a Specific Program " > Highlight .PDF > select "Change Program" button ?

    This is a test

  • Yes. I have tried setting the default App to acrobat reader both in Windows and setting the default app to Acrobat reader the ProjectWise association.

    The PhotoPreview works fine using Acrobat until I install Bluebeam. Once Bluebeam is installed it becomes the default PhotoPreview app for PDF files.

    You should be able to download a trial from Bluebeam to replicate the same. There must be a setting somewhere that I can use to force the PDF photo previewer back to Acrobat.

    I've tried/replicated this behavior with 8.11.590 and

    To replicate - remove Bluebeam if installed.
    Install Acrobat Reader I used v11.
    Install ProjectWise.

    Check PhotoPreview for a PDF.
    Install Bluebeam 2015.6 review standard.
    Check PhotoPreview for a PDF again.
  • Andy,

    We are heavy users of Bluebeam!

    To enable BB within this tab, open up BlueBeam Administrator, click on the Revu tab, ensure Use as Default PDF viewer is checked.. and also Display PDF in Internet Explorer..

    I can't remember whether it needed to be set as a 32 bit app..

    regardless, some combination or permutation of the settings within this tab will load BB within the Photo Preview tab in PWE!

    Similar settings would force Acrobat to load instead of BB..

    Hope that helps,

  • Hi Andy, in addition to what Paul has said... I believe there was an issue with Bluebeam that caused problems like this recently... they have fixed it in 2016.5

  • Thanks Paul/Molly. This was the inverse of what I was looking for but allowed me to find a solution.

    Essentially - Bluebeam was the default Photo Preview app after install but was not working with 2015.6, and I was looking to set the default to something else. In BB admin, on the Revu tab, unchecking the checkbox in the "web browser" section "Display PDF in Internet Explorer" controls what application is used in ProjectWise for PDF Photo Previews.

    The checkbox to Use Revu as the default PDF editor had no effect, and setting it between 32 and 64 bit had no effect (I tried the different combinations).

    We'll retest as Molly suggested when we upgrade later this year to BB 2016.6 and see if BB then works for Photo Previews within ProjectWise for PDF files.