Photo Preview of PDF files doesn't work with Bluebeam installed

Running with PW SS4 .590 or PW CE .67, with Acrobat Reader 11 installed, PhotoPreview of PDF files works properly.

Once I installed Bluebeam 2015.6 - standard as a PDF editor (Acrobat Reader 11 remains on the machine), Bluebeam becomes the app for PhotoPreview and the PDF files do not preview properly.

How do I set the PhotoPreview back to Acrobat Reader?

  • The Photo Preview tab is simply opening the file in a web browser... so to test, right click on a pdf outside of PW and open in internet explorer. With the issues I had seen, this also did not work when Bluebeam was the default application on the machine. That is what they have fixed in the newer releases.

  • Similar issue, any idea why when clicking the photo viewer tab with a PDF selected, it opens the PDF in a separate window instead of the Photo Viewer tab? I've seen this on several machines and it's occurring with both Adobe and Bluebeam. Oddly enough I cannot recreate the issue on either of my two machines.
  • I realize this is a very old message, but we just saw something similar on a local computer, here's how we fixed it. ProjectWise Photo Preview is a web view that opens an embedded viewer to display file contents. To know which application to use for the embedded viewer it uses the Mime Type.

    When a problem like this occurs it means either the document's mime type is incorrect, or the application registered for that mime type is incorrect. You can check the mime type of a document in ProjectWise by right-clicking it, selecting properties, click the Advanced button in the middle-right of the dialog and change the drop-down to Mime Type. PDFs should have a mime type of application/pdf.

    If this is correct you can check the mime type application in the registry by browsing to:

    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/pdf

    (note the name of the last folder is application/pdf, including the forward slash, it is not another folder level)

    Check the registry value CLSID for Adobe Reader it should be (as of 2022-08-04 at least, these rarely change even with new versions, but you might double-check it):


    If you change it have the user reboot to ensure the new value takes effect at the OS level.

    Note that mime type settings are separate from the Associate a File Type setting, and the default open application in ProjectWise and maybe out of step with each other depending on how one or the other was changed.