Projectwise Search for predefined list of files

Hello, Community.

I have a list of files from the consultant that are for use. I need to feed the list of these files into ProjectWise , retireve only these files and export them.

Is there a way to feed Projectwise an Excel Spreadsheet with the list of files to be searched ? Apparently, buffer for the value is too small, and I am not sure I can feed comma/semicolumn separated values directly to a buffer.

Please, advise

  • Hi Denis,

    I tried your request on my system, however we cannot put the list of documents, instead we can keep the files in projectwise and then export it to excel, but if you try to do conditional search with excel file in ProjectWise it doesn't let you do that.
    You can setup Search form to do conditional search however you need to keep the actual files in projectwise for that.
  • Have you tried the Export to Excel and Import from Excel options? Or if this does not require a GUI you might also consider PowerShell. In a script you could parse the Excel file for what you need, and use the information to export the files. If you are using Connect, the basic cmdlets are already installed, but for export you also need some extra cmdlets you can get from Bentley if you ask - contact Marty Nickel.

    Please note that I post here on a voluntary basis and am not a Bentley employee. 

  • any update with this question?

    I do have the same problem. I have a spreadsheet that list about a hundred files with specific attributes and version. i need to search all these in every folder with the correct version. Is there a way in projectwise to use a spread sheet to find all these files so i can add them in a flatset and zip file. at the moment im search it one by one

  • Ideally you would want to script this with PowerShell and pwps_dab.
    It could then return a list of matching Name, versions etc... and the folder path.

    Alternatively, if you're using the new version of PWE (4.434 or newer) you could use the FILTER columns after doing a search for all documents.
    I'd suggest you limit the search as much as you can. To your project or client folder depending in your layout, otherwise you might be listing hundres of thousands of documents across your entire datasource.

    Once the search is complete you can use the filter columns to search for any view you have setup. 

  • Hi Alex, 

    thanks for your reply. unfortunately i dont have power shell or pwps_dab exerience. 

    i might need to check this with our projectwise administrator if he is able to create a powershell script. 

    on the otherhand. the excel spreadsheet i have that has all the list of files with specific version are stored in different folder location hence i was thinking if its possible for projectwise without scripting to use a spreadsheet to locate all these files.