Duplicated SQL Database and GUID


We use templates to create our project : we duplicate a SQL Database from an existing pjw template we made, made lot of scripted changes with SQL & Powershell to customize names, lists, ..  then declare it in the integration server as new project / Datasource

All works fine except we notice a main issue with this way of creating datasource,

The full text indexation of documents works only for the first project declined from a specific template.

I found that the there is a GUID in the dms_gcfg table, o_paramno 128 which seems to be the unique ID for full text indexation services.

By now, i change the GUID within my process of duplication of the database, so it works.

I try on a test datasource to change the existaing GUID, then reconfigure full text indexation -> Indexation then works fine

My concern are  : 

- Is this GUID used by another part of PJW ? except full text indexing ?

- Is is safe to change now this GUID for existing Datasources i have in production ? (dozens)

Thanks in advance

L Lagrevol