Projectwise Integration Module for AutoCAD 2015

Hello, I'm having an issue with the Projectwise Integration Module for AutoCAD 2015.  When I try to attach an Xref, either via the Projectwise Menu or the DMSXREF command, a local dialog is opened instead of Projectwise.

I have tested with Projectwise Explorer V8i ( and Projectwise Explorer 10 ( installed alongside Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 2015 on two separate computers.  

Creating a new Projectwise document, opening a Projectwise document and saving a document to Projectwise all open the correct Projectwise window.   On the other hand, attaching a DWG reference from Projectwise opens a local window.

This article in the Bentley wiki describes an identical issue but the two part solution is not helpful.  The first part of the solution doesn't help because, there are no user associations set in ProjectWise Explorer.   It should be using the global associations.  The second part doesn't help because, it's related to a computer with two different versions of AutoCAD installed.  Both of the machines I have tested only have one version of AutoCAD installed (2015).

Thanks for the help!