Custom SQL non clustered indexes

Is this true? From our database team ...  Our DBAs feel we no longer need to ask Bentley’s approval to create non-clustered indexes. They just need to inform the PW Administrators that they are creating it, after having tested it in the environments. Index will be tested on the Alpha and Beta server to validate issues are addressed with no ill side effects. Per the Bentley prescriptive guidance, these are pre-approved changes. This information is both from conversations with Bentley and based on experience with these indexes.

  • Hi Sandy,

    This is absolutely untrue and will put you in an unsupported environment. Any and all indexes need to be vetted by development before being applied to the product.  DBAs that feel they can apply indexes to the system without Bentley's approval have caused massive deadlocks, slowness and overall poor performance for PW systems across the globe.  I myself have removed dozens of DBA applied indexes to PW systems that have caused problems, and once they are gone the problems go away.  Without proper load testing there is no saying what an index can or cannot do.  If your DBA has applied indexes to your db and you experience any problems, the first thing we are going to ask is that you remove them.  

    If you have any questions, please let me know.



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