SQL Statement to compare Document Attribute Value to System Variable

Hello ProjectWise Community,

I am attempting to set/use a SQL Statement (within the Value List section of a custom Attribute; called dc_File_Type, which is used for Document Codes) to leverage the value of another Document Attribute (used in a Lookup Table) for comparison against the Folder Description.

Here's the setup:

Lookup Table (FDOT Lookup Table - Document Codes Environment; SQL Table Name = FDOT_Lookup_Table_Document_Codes)

*Note: Attribute Names for the Lookup Table are: lt_Code, lt_Description, lt_Filter_A, lt_Filter_B, etc.

Folder (FDOT CAD Drawing Files Environment)

dc_File_Type Attribute

SQL Statement

SELECT lt_Code, lt_Description FROM FDOT_Lookup_Table_Document_Codes WHERE lt_Filter_C = 'File Type' AND lt_Filter_A LIKE '%$VAULT.DESCR$%' AND lt_Filter_D = 'Drawing Files' AND (lt_Filter_B = '$EDIT#da_Project_ID$' OR lt_Filter_B = 'ALL') ORDER BY lt_Code

*Note: da_Project_ID is another Attribute which corresponds with a Project (ex. 123456)

*Note: If I use lt_Filter_A = '$VAULT.DESCR$', it works just fine.


Has anyone had success using the LIKE operand, and specifically with the %string% option? I am hoping to achieve a True result for the above conditions, where the String is Discipline (obtained from the Lookup Table) and "match it" to the Folder Description (Something Discipline something).

Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated.