Performing a conditional check on Civil 3D Data Shortcuts

We are using a ProjectWise managed environment to manage files through the "Work In Progress" (S0) > Check > Review > Approve > "Shared" (S1/2/3/etc) process in accordance with BS1192. The files are being created in AutoCAD and Civil 3D. Our ProjectWise configuration currently checks the 'Suitability' of any externally referenced (model) files to make sure they have been approved for sharing before being able to 'share' the drawings. One thing we have noticed is it doesn't appear to perform the same check when using Civil 3D Data Shortcut files and so it is possible files could be shared that contain links to information that is not yet approved for sharing.

I can see within the Dependency Viewer that ProjectWise can identify all the links and recognise the difference between data shortcuts and Xrefs, but is it possible to configure ProjectWise to handle the checking of data shortcuts in a similar manner to Xrefs?