PW Connect 3.1 and Office 2016

Good day, all.

We are testing ProjectWise Explorer Client with Office 2016 on Windows 10. We have one scenario of a new document creation using the Advanced Wizard that is not functioning correctly.

Using the Advanced Wizard, when dragging and dropping or when creating a new document within PW Explorer the attributes page appears and is prepopulated correctly with the lookup values as defined in the given environment. These include properties from the folder (name) and other project properties. Based on the lookup rules we have defined the folder type will drive the values that canappear in the subsequent dropdowns. 

However, when in any Office 2016 application, when using the Save or Save As function and trying to save in PW, the document properties are not prepopulated, It would appear that the queries defined in the lookup rules are not being executed. Screen shot is attached. This occurs in all Office apps, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

To reiterate, two of the three methods of creating a new file with lookup rule based attributes work correctly. The third through Office applications does not.

Does anybody have any suggestions?