MS Project files opened from ProjectWise are always readonly

Using Projectwise Explorer the user finds that MS Project files opened from ProjectWise are always opened as readonly, even when checked out and opened for editing.

If the file is checked out and then opened directly from the PW workfolder it opens normally and can be edited.

How does PW Explorer tell the application that the file should be opened readonly ?

  • There are a few ways a file is forced to read only. 

    The first would be permissions. If you only have read permissions to the file the icon next to the file will look like a book.  If you have write access the icon will look like a pencil.

    If you right mouse click and choose "open with" there is a check box at the bottom of the dialog that comes up "open document as read only".  If this is checked the file will open as read only.

    If the file is a version and not the active file it will also have a book icon and will open read only.

    When a files permission is set to read and or the option is checked for read only or the file is a version, the file should not be getting checked out.. Checkout will show a red check mark next to the file. 

    Are you seeing the red check mark after you open, or right click checkout on the file?

    What version of MS Project are you running?

    Answer Verified By: Dana Guthrie 

  • This problem disappeared. The strange thing was that the file was being checked out to the work folder, and could be edited if opened from Windows, but when opened from PW Explorer it was always read only. 

    Answer Verified By: Amol Mandhare 

  • This problem reappeared with another user. The file is checked out and if opened from the work folder in Windows is editable, but if opened from PW Explorer it is read only. The problem only affects one user, others can open the file for editing as expected.

    Project is version 16.0.14228.20250

    Explorer is with integration for Office 365.

    It is possible to save a file as "read only recommended" in Project, but this is not the case here.

  • We are seeing this problem also.  It suddenly appeared on Thursday 9/2/21.  I'm just starting to investigate and was wondering if it was a Windows update because it's acting like Excel does when the PW integration has been overwritten by a windows update

  • As a work around until we can figure out what is happening, our users are Exporting the file as a Managed Copy. Then opening it up in the copy location, making their changes, then Importing it back into ProjectWise.  Additional steps, but that keeps everything sync'd in PW.  We are seeing the same thing, it affects some users, but not all.  Which is why I'm suspecting a Windows update.  I'm waiting for the tech to repair PW office integration to see if that helps.