How are Worksets accessed by different people and how do they work with ProjectWise?

I am new to Microstation CE and trying to understand how worksets are intended to be used. The sheet index is something that all users need to access from wherever they are (different offices, etc). The sheet index is stored in the workset file which is stored locally to my knowledge. So my questions are:

  1. How are different users supposed to access the workset file if it is stored locally?
  2. How is that file protected when someone is modifying it? Does it get checked out in a sense?
  3. All of our projects are on ProjectWise now, how do worksets interact with ProjectWise and how do we go about setting them up in ProjectWise?

Thanks in advance!

  • It is my understanding that all of the references and settings that are included in a drawing are linked within ProjectWise and brought out to a local working directory when you open a drawing from within Projectwise. This means that when you copy out or open, all necessary files will be brought to your local working directory under a DMS folder.