How to protect Microsoft Word templates for use with ProjectWise?

We have Microsoft Word templates configured to exchange attribute information with ProjectWise using custom document properties and fields within MS Word. The attribute exchange is working fine, however we find that users sometimes remove the fields thereby breaking the attribute exchange within the document.

We have tried to use MS Word's built in 'Restrict Editing' functionality (with Editing Restrictions = 'Read-Only', and also with Editing Restrictions = 'Filling in forms') however this restricts the usage of Track Changes within the documents which we use heavily.

I have also done some trials with inserting the fields into a  Rich Text Content Control (Form Control) and using the protection available within the properties of those controls. Unfortunately the property for 'Contents cannot be edited' prevents the ProjectWise integration from updating the field values. This could be overcome with VBA upon opening the file (unlock>update>re-lock) but then we run into issues around macro security for users and TB Updates and not being able to rendition a .docm file.

Does anyone have any further suggestions to help protect the attribute exchange within a MS Word document without restricting other features?