Projectwise Design Integration vs ProjectWise 365

What's the difference between Projectwise Design Integration and Projectwise 365?

Are they interoperable? For example, can I go through a web browser to Projectwise 365 and it will bring up my project from Projectwise Design Integration or is it separate cloud software? Does Projectwise Design Integration have the same tools as Projectwise 365? Last, can you review and mark up files/models without opening up the DGN through MicroStation?  I've seen this feature with PDFs but haven't seen or heard about model files.

  • Yes. They are interoperable through ProjectWise Web. You can setup Work Area Connections to access ProjectWise DI data sources from ProjectWise 365. You can access your ProjectWise datasource through ProjectWise Explorer (DI) or you can access through ProjectWise 365 (ProjectWise Web). ProjectWise Design Integration has specific tools for work in-progress design as well as advanced features like document coding, advanced workflows, environments, and attributes, including attribute exchange, reference file management, workspace/set management and other advanced features. ProjectWise Design Integration access through ProjectWise explorer is specifically designed for work in progress where design engineers are actively working in CAD/BIM applications. ProjectWise 365 is primarily used for collaborative BIM or sharing your design work with others, design reviews, both 2D (PDF) and 3D (iTwin), managing deliverables, issues and viewing insights, and editing of non-CAD/BIM (Office 365) documents. You can review files and models in ProjectWise 365 with our 2D PDF Markup review workflow where you can create and monitor issues and our 3D design review to perform ad-hoc and formal collaborative design review sessions on your model.

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