ProjectWiseExplorer Server Access


I am currently having an issue with accessing my clients fileserver via the ProjectWise Explorer. I am using ProjectWise Explorer V8i (SELECTseries 4), and am trying to connect by inputting parameters into the ProjectWise Network Configuration Settings. The client has provided me with the Server Name, Hostname, and Port which I input into the DNS Services and Datasource Listing; however, the datasources that should be showing up in the explorer are not present. Upon discussing this with the client, they explained I would need to speak with someone with Bentley about "open port Port Number over the TCP protocol to Hostname." 

Any idea how I should proceed with this? I was trying to find a way to speak with someone from Bentley in private, but I felt all sources on their website led me back to this forum so I am hoping this is the correct place to ask.

Also, the client explained that I would need to set up a CONNECTION Client account to fix the problem, but I did not have any luck from setting up that account.


  • Hello Corbin. 

    My apologies for the delay in response to your post.

    I hope by now, that you have resolved this issue.  But incase you are still struggling and for anyone else who might view this post

    First:  Projectwise V8i is no longer supported by Bentley (support expired in 2019).  We encourage you to upgrade to the latest Projectwise Explorer Connect Edition.

    The port number you are looking for is port 5800 and needs to be opened bi-directionally on your network.

    As all network setups are different we can only give some suggestions on where you might look for the port being blocked.

    Most of the time there is a Firewall(s) on the network that may be blocking the port or even the url for the host name.

    There are some windows tools you can use to check network connectivity.  The one we use the most is Telnet.

    If it is installed on your system, In a command run Telnet <projectwise host name url> 5800

    Bentley also provides a tool for checking connectivity, under start \ programs\ Bentley \ User tools \ Windows Socket analyzer

    If you are running a connect edition version, and have a Bentley account you can speak to support analyst via the Service Request Manager. - Index