User is prompted to login a second time when opening certain files - but never able to actually open file.

This is a new occurrence of an old problem with no solution so far. A user is working in Power InRoads Ss10. After creating a file and adding references, they exit and when they try an open the files, once the session starts, the login to datasource dialog box opens. Logging in or cancelling seems to have the same results- the file never opens and the sessions exit.

A copy was made of the file and the process repeated and the same result occurs.

Further testing revealed that the file fails to open even if accessed from the working directory outside of ProjectWise. In that case, the desktop opens, but the file never loads. A limited number of toolbars load, but there is no main menu or views.

It was also discovered that the files will open in PowerInRoads Ss2.

Here are some of the log entries my PW sent me:

2021-03-24 08:30:08,808|DEBUG|0x000048f8|pwise.MCM|mcmDlg_openDocument @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcmmsh.c:5912 - Updating MCM active login info cache with database name "" and user name "ad\admin-emiller"]

2021-03-24 08:30:08,808|DEBUG|0x000048f8|pwise.MCM|mcmDlg_openDocument @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcmmsh.c:5921 - Calling post-hooks for mcmDlg_openDocument.

2021-03-24 08:30:08,808|DEBUG|0x000048f8|pwise.MCM|mcmMainDlg_openDocument @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcmmsh.c:4420 - User canceled open dialog or error occured (status = 2), restoring active datasource and exiting.

2021-03-24 08:30:08,808|ERROR|0x000048f8|pwise.MCM|MdlMain @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcm.c:3938 - An unknown error occurred either because the open document dialog was cancelled or information about the document could not be retrived. MCM will unload and PW integration will be disabled!

2021-03-24 08:30:08,808|INFO|0x000048f8|pwise.MCM|mcmMain_Uninitialize @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcm.c:3268 - Defining configuration variable _MCM_DISABLEINTEGRATION to signal integration disabled to other modules.

2021-03-24 08:30:08,808|INFO|0x000048f8|pwise.MCM|mcmMain_Uninitialize @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcm.c:3271 - MicroStation not started from ProjectWise Explorer. Unloading titleblocks ...


2021-03-24 08:30:49,623|DEBUG|0x00002be4|pwise.MCM.References|mdmMain_referenceAttach @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcmmsh.c:2146 - [SYSTEM_REFERENCE_ATTACH] skipping self-reference

2021-03-24 08:30:49,856|ERROR|0x00002be4|pwise.MCM|mcmMain_openInitialFile @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcm.c:2881 - Failed to open the specified design file "c:\pwdata\ad_admin-emiller\d1579297\mHD-0000_MD256-MD258.dgn". Exiting MicroStation!

2021-03-24 08:30:49,856|ERROR|0x00002be4|pwise.MCM|mcmMain_OpenDocument @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcmpublic.cpp:253 - Failed to open document with IDs (1579297, 1) and file path c:\pwdata\ad_admin-emiller\d1579297\mHD-0000_MD256-MD258.dgn

2021-03-24 08:30:49,856|INFO|0x00002be4|pwise.MCM|MdlMain @ e:\Builds\pw100003167\Source\dms\integration\ustation\mcm\v0811\mcm.c:3812 - Partner mode startup failed. Not a problem.


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