ProjectWise Microstation Item Type Attribute Exchange

Hi all,

I am attempting to use the new ProjectWise Microstation Item Type Exchange but dont have any luck getting attribute values to populate. Microstation is seeing the ProjectWise Attributes though (just with blank values).

Is there any documentation or info that i can refer to to figure out whats happening? or anyone have any idea why the attribute values won't populate?



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  •  - is there any update to this integration with ProjectWise ?. I note a video posted to LinkedIn in the last couple days discussing that dwg format attributes now come in as Item Types by default ( with the option to open file as tags), so it seems the general coaxing is now towards item types in place of tags in the MicroStation environment. This will no doubt influence the dgn format in the near future and we will work with 'attribute' data in a file as item types - be it design objects for reporting in tables or the drawing border itself. a lot of discussion above is around workarounds and bespoke solutions, however we surely want this as a delivered workflow.