Set default status code by workflow/state

I have a requirement to set the default status code by specific workflow and state. The default status code is set in an environment variable.

Workflow A and State A = Status S0

Workflow B and State C = Status S2

Can this task be done using a Select statement in the appropriate environment variable. I would need to identify the workflow and state variable names.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Hello,

    To have codes for according Workflow and State combination you will have to create a table containing Workflow, State and Code columns (I have named mine W_S_code). Here is a tested SELECT statement example of how to achieve it:

    SELECT W_S_code.code FROM dms_doc JOIN dms_stat ON   dms_doc.o_stateno = dms_stat.o_stateno JOIN dms_work ON dms_doc.o_workflowno = dms_work.o_workflowno JOIN W_S_code ON dms_work.o_workflowname = W_S_code.workflow AND dms_stat.o_statename = W_S_code.State  WHERE dms_doc.o_itemno = $DOCUMENT$ AND dms_doc.o_projectno = $VAULT$ ;

    The text in bold should be changed based on your table and column names accordingly:

    • W_S_code - the name of the table with codes
    • W_S_code.workflow - a column that contains workflow names
    • W_S_code.State - a column that contains state names
    • W_S_code.code - the column that contains the code of the combination.

    The database I have tested this on is created on SQL server. I cannot guarantee if this statement will work in Oracle as the names might be different.

  • Dear Goda,  I was considering creating a lookup table for this task and thank you for your select statement. Our datasources are hosted by Bentley and believe we are using an SQL server.

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