[CONNECT] Harvest Active PW Path

MicroStation has many configuration variables that an Admin uses to define the operating parameters of a CAD session.  Some variables are defined in configuration files, some variables are dynamic and change during a MicroStation session as a user opens and closes DGN files.

An example of a MicroStation dynamic variable is _dgnfile, which contains the file path of the active DGN file. You can see its value in MicroStation using key-in EXPAND ECHO $(_dgnfile).  The path is displayed in MicroStation's Message Center.

Consider this question from the MicroStation Forum by We need the PW path. If a subconsultant looks at a pdf file and would like to reference that file to one of their files they will have issues locating the file on PW. I've run into this many times. Even looking at our own files. If we have the PW path displayed it aids others in locating the files so you don't need to track down the person who knows where the files are located.

Is there an analogous PW configuration variable that contains the PW logical path to the active document? 

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