Anyone running a caching server on a NetApp device?

Still talking about NetApp devices but here's a different question:

Has anyone used a NetApp device for ProjectWise file storage and if so, have you considered the 100,000 folder limit to be an issue?


When it comes to creating files and folders, ProjectWise is bound by the file system the Storage Area is on. We have had reports from a few users with Storage Areas on NetAPP SANS that when they try to create a new folder it fails. In looking at the DMSKrnl.log there is an Error 13 which is a Windows error related to file system access.

We have learned that NetAPP SANs have a hard limit of 100,000 folders in a folder. We are told by a user that contacted NetAPP that this limit was imposed for performance reasons and cannot be changed.  Below are two links to NetAPP community posts about this limit.