ProjetWise issue

Dear All,

We have the same issue with the two computers, 

At my computer office, When we log onto ProjectWise, we can log on success and when we open file *.dng on that ProjectWise,

the following massage error alert:

Last Error [319]

Cannot start application for the specified document. Check your program associations.

Failted to generate managed workspace configuration file.

[WIN32 API #2147944126] The remote procedure call failed.

I wonder that, one machine was fix this issue when we go to control panel==> Program and Feature and do associate file with project wise by modify it, It got work.

But other one machine not working when we do like this.So we tried to log on ProjectWise with other account on this computer, it got working by we can open any *.dgn

I would like to get the real solution, what it the real issue? and please let me know the real resolution.