EML Indexing

Morning All-

I was wondering if anyone has been able to index .EML files. I know ProjectWise does .MSG files but won't do eml from what I read. I have tried indexing them as msg files but no dice. Anyone have any info? The files contain the required info, so it should be possible.

Thanks, Joe C.

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  • Projectwise relies on the servers indexing engine to extract text.  If you put an *.eml file directly on the server doing the indexing, make sure windows indexes it, then do a search for the content via windows explorer, does it work?  If not then then try to associate the eml extension to the program you would use to open the eml file.  You may need to install this program on the server.  If windows cannot extract the text from the file, then you will not be able to search on it in Projectwise.

    Additionaly in Projectwise Administrator, go to the docprocessors, right click on full text indexing, properites, click on the file type associations tab, click add.  Here you can add the eml extension to be processed as and msg file (assuming an eml file can be proccessed via outlook or via the ifilter for msg.)

  • Hi Joe,

    Any updates on this? Did you get it to work?