ProjectWise Caching Server Check-in.


I have now heard several ideas on how this actually works, so I really would like to hear from you guys how it really works.

When checking a document back into to ProjectWise ‘through’ a Caching Server, then the document is checked all the way back into the Integration Server, bypassing the Caching Server, before the Check-in Procedure will release the ProjectWise Explorer session. Meaning, that the PW Explorer will first be release when the entire check-in to the Integration Server has ended.

When checking the document out again, the Cache on the Caching Server first has to be updated, as this does not happen when the document is checked back in, but first on the Checkout.

Could anyone comment on this?

If this is the case, why not just check-in to the caching server, and then let the Caching Server / Integration Server do the rest. The cache is up to date, and the user can work in the explorer again.

 The reason to why I am asking is that we are having some Check-in performance issues (low bandwidth).

 Regards Christian


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