ProjectWise on different sites.

Hi we are using projectwise and we have offices in different countries. Our team in Australia would like to use our team in Philippines to work on the project but we are having a hard time loading a file. Please read below for the issue our team has found. Australia is where the main server of ProjectWise.

Opening a typical structural model (first load) took more than 20 minutes to open. Obviously second-loads were much faster – but it bogged down once a different model was opened, as it used a different set of references. There are many hundreds of models and thousands of referenced files on this project.

The problem we face is it’s tough to put an exact scientific number on the impact of running live via Project Wise (it will depend on the model and its dependencies), but the feeling we have from what we’ve seen is it will be prohibitively slow. 

Unfortunately it is not an option to “pre-populate” the remote caches, as the system needs to populate itself (integration server to cache server) and we cannot do it by simply “bringing files up on a hard disk.” Pre-population has to be done over the data links, and the amount of data we have is too large to pre-populate via our existing links. I also have concerns that even with a pre-populated cache we’d still have problems due to the rapid growth and high number of changes that are occurring on this project.


  • We have offices in Europe and shanghai and suffer slow connection too, but I suspect your link is painfully slow.

    I think you need to go down the pre cache route and caching the whole project once may be needed – be sure the cache on the caching server will hold all whole project\cached data.

    Do not forget the Fetch file tool in Projectwise to prefill the cache either before the project starts or each night during office downtime.

    We pre-cache with fetch files on some data each night and some data each weekend.

    Depending on how you project data is split up you will probably have to be more direct – if you know which project elements people will work on remotely create fetch file input file for that and update it weekly if needed. In both offices are working on “everything” you will have to use fetch files on everything. Do not forget the delta file transfer is used between the server and the cache.

    For the pre-cache – I have an idea which may not be Bentley supported but is testable in your office, create caching server in your office prefill the cache with fetchfiles investigate the physical cache location on the disk of the caching server – if I am not mistaken there is a caching folder location then host server name or IP address then sub folders from the project. Physically copy this part to second  caching server and it should be tricked in to using the same files (the caching sever is smart but easy to trick..) you can test this in your own office with 2 caching servers – if it works you can “physically ship” the data to remote office caching server for the first filling.

    (1) Prefill the cache – (test the trick)

    (2) Use Fetch files – each night and weekend

    (3) May be split some data so it is easier to use fetch files as a project requirement to get it working

    (4) All the project data must fit in to the caching servers cache limit to prevent a cache overflow (for this project situation)

    What sort of lines speed do you have and what latency do you have?

    1. Make sure you're using DFT for all users/datasources so only changes in files are being sent
    2. Make sure you have compress client/server request data turned on (unless you use a riverbed solution too)
    3. As Ian describes schedule fetchfiles to pre-populate caches overnight when bandwidth is available. Especially if you can send a cache server with an initial load on it as he mentions. A preloaded cache server combined with #1 can save a ton of bandwidth.
    4. Make sure users are retaining files they've copied out on their local machine so they do not have to be re-transfered from even the cache server.  We use the settings in the screenshot below for this.


  • Agree with the responses provided by Ian and Kevin and would note Ian's comment about Prefill the Cache. You should discuss this with Bentley Tech support.

    Latency should not be a significant issue between Australia and the Philippines unless you are running the link at max capacity. I would expect ping/pwping times to be about 150 ms or less.

    What applications are you running?

    When you quote the figure of 2 GB in another reply, is this how much data you can transfer in one hour?

    Has Delta file transfer been enabled?

    Have you confirmed that your PW Cache Servers are properly configured and that the PW clients in remote offices are using them?

    The problem that you are experiencing is, most likely, being caused by several factors and you should consider seeking professional assistance. With persistence you should be able to sort issues out yourself but do you really want it to take several months?

    Needs ProjectWise, CAD application and Network Infrastructure skillset involved.