Shortcut from one ProjectWise folder to another?


Is it possible to create a shortcut in PWE that links to another PWE folder/file?

For Example:  Say I have important files in various PW folders and I would like to make a folder called "Important Files" and create links to all those folders.


Tom F.


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  • Did you create the Open action in the Actions tab of the application properties?


  • What I do is create URL link in Personal folder, I create a folder called "shortcuts to PW Projects" then right click on the folder and select "Add URL" in the dialog box in the first field enter the name for your project and in the URL field paste the PW address of your project folder click OK and the link is created.

    Works good and no annoying dialog boxes from read only lnk files.

  • For anyone still reading about this in 2020, I'll chime in with a note.

    First and foremost, thanks to Kevin van Haaren for the instructions on how to create the new Association to open .lnk (ell-nk) files using Windows Explorer.exe. For our setup, I created the new Association in the PW Admin, so that all of our users could get this in their PWE. As well, I set the icon to use the default one in pwc.exe, but this is not necessary.

    I had similar problems as Tom. My issue was that I had created all the .LNK files on my desktop and dragged them back into my shortcuts folder BEFORE I created the new association. So when I opened PWE, and tried to open the new .LNK files, I would get prompted with the "Open document with" dialog. So I deleted all the .LNK files, and then RE-ADDED them again by using Drag and Drop from my desktop, and now all the .LNK files have the PWE icon (did not have them a few minutes earlier), and the "Open as Read-Only" seamlessly jumps to the target folder.