Ability to Add Comments to Audit Trail

It would be great if we were able to use the "Add to Comment" function as this is heavily used by our organization for administration actions.

  • I have submitted a question in the Communities->ProjectWise PowerShell extensions forum and have not gotten any response from Bentley. I really need to get some traction on this if possible:
    Unable to add comments with new cmdlet New-PWDocumentComment
    I am attempting to add comments to the Audit Trail using New-PWDocumentComment. I use it in the following form: New-PWDocumentComment -FolderPath 'Admin Folder\Archive - (Key info)\JRC' -DocumentName '292704-3-0.pdf' -Comment "my test of pwshell comments"; 
    I get Error: Failed to obtain document information for '292704-3-0.pdf'.
    I have confirmed and found this document with Get-PWDocumentsBySearch so it is not an issue with path or file name.
    What is the correct form to run this cmdlet?
    Brian Otto
    IT Specialist – JST CAD Support
    Bonneville Power Administration
    (360) 619-6893
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